abduction of a woman

викрадання жінки

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  • Abduction — • May be considered as a public crime and a matrimonial diriment impediment Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Abduction     Abduction      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • abduction — ab·duc·tion /ab dək shən, əb / n 1 a: the action of abducting abduction of a robbery victim b: the tort or felony of abducting a person 2: the unlawful carrying away of a wife or female child or ward for the purpose of marriage or sexual… …   Law dictionary

  • ABDUCTION — (or Manstealing; Heb. גְּנֵבַת נֶפֶשׁ, genevat nefesh), stealing of a human being for capital gain. According to the Bible, abduction is a capital offense. He who kidnaps a man – whether he has sold him or is still holding him – shall be put to… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Abduction — may refer to:Abduction of a person or people* Kidnapping, as a near synonym in criminal law, but sometimes used particularly in cases involving a woman or child ** Bride kidnapping ** Child abduction, the abduction or kidnapping of a young child… …   Wikipedia

  • Abduction! (2004 novel) — Abduction by Peg Kehret, is a novel about a 13 year old girl named Bonnie who searches for her bother Matt and their dog Pookie who were both abducted.ControversyOn March 30, 2006, this book was featured on a KMSP newscast discussing a parent who …   Wikipedia

  • abduction — (18c) is the forcible leading away of a minor (with or without the minor s consent) for marriage or seduction or the breaking of a legal custodial arrangement for the children of divorced parents. Although there is some overlap in meaning with… …   Modern English usage

  • abduction — [ab duk′shən, əbduk′shən] n. [LL abductio: see ABDUCT] 1. an abducting or being abducted 2. Law the carrying off of a person by force or fraud; esp., the kidnapping of a woman for marriage, prostitution, etc. 3. Physiol. a) an abducting of a part …   English World dictionary

  • Abduction phenomenon — The term abduction phenomenon describes claims of non human creatures kidnapping individuals and temporarily removing them from familiar terrestrial surroundings. People alleged to have been abducted are called abductees or experiencers. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Abduction — No less an authority than Merriam Webster s Collegiate Dictionary defines abduction as (1) the action of abducting: the condition of being abducted (and) (2) the unlawful carrying away of a woman for marriage or intercourse. In medicine, the word …   Medical dictionary

  • abduction — The offense of taking away a wife, child, or ward, by fraud and persuasion, or open violence. Model Penal Code, No. 212.4. To take away surreptitiously by force in kidnapping. The unlawful taking or detention of any female for purposes of… …   Black's law dictionary

  • abduction — noun Date: 1666 1. the action of abducting ; the condition of being abducted 2. the unlawful carrying away of a woman for marriage or intercourse …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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